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Here we go! Official launch of my coaching and learning business

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

I’m starting 2022 with a new business! After several years as an internal coach at SAP, I’m now a full-time independent executive coach for leaders across the tech industry and beyond.

Are you a mid-career leader contemplating your direction? Are you looking for more meaning in your career or a better career/life fit? Are you exhausted and burnt out in your current role or work environment? Perhaps coaching could provide the structure and process you need right now to figure out your next move.

Many people are in the midst of a “personal and professional reassessment.” There are so many changes going on in the workplace. It can be hard to sort through them all on your own. I’d love to partner with you to help you sort it all out.

While I’m newly independent, I’m an experienced coach. At global software company SAP, I was a part of the ICF Prism award-winning global coaching program. I’m also a certified coach through ICF and committed to uphold the ethics of the coaching profession.

I’ve seen the incredible power of coaching for my clients who have found their dream jobs, received promotions, resolved workplace conflicts, or gained greater insight into their needs and preferences that led them to stay exactly where they were.

In my own career, I have experienced great successes and I have navigated layoffs and other career setbacks. I also know firsthand what it’s like to be completely depleted and burnt out. I believe passionately in the power of coaching to open up new possibilities for personal and professional growth.

As I have been in my corporate career, I remain committed to diversity and inclusion, including neurodiversity.

Developing yourself also almost always requires acquiring new skills. This is where I can provide an extra source of guidance and insight to clients based on my 20 years in learning and development at companies like SAP, The Coca-Cola Co. and Caliper. I can help you identify and plan how to develop these skills. It’s why I decided to call my new business Kestler Coaching and Learning.

If you think coaching might be right for you, or if you need help setting up some learning goals and programs for the year, reach out to me for a free 30-min introductory information session.

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