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Jeremy coaches leaders and teams at global companies. He has been in corporate learning and development for twenty years, supporting organizational development and change initiatives in the consumer products and technology industries. He has worked virtually and led virtual global teams. 


Jeremy Kestler

Executive Coach

Jeremy coaches mid- and senior-level leaders and has successfully coached clients to support post-merger integration, onboarding, reorganizations, and periods of significant change, leading virtually and adapting to virtual work. He was an internal coach in SAP’s ICF Prism award-winning Global Coaching program and a member of the Global Leadership Development team. His leadership approach is derived from his time as an intercollegiate athlete, his experiences with his military officer father, prior experience developing leaders in global corporate settings, and widely used leadership development models.

In addition to his corporate experience, he was an early employee at several startups including Brand Institute, Inc. and Silverpop Systems, which was later acquired by IBM. He invented his own product, which he sold through retail, e-commerce, and a live on-air guest appearance on QVC. He has worked in a variety of organizational settings including non-profit and government, so he is able to bring a broad range of perspectives into his coaching and consulting work.


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